What is the XIX NOVA Conference about?

Triggering a new Italian economic miracle by reawakening the country’s entrepreneurial spirit, promoting venture creation and development, and unleashing a broad cultural change. In particular, we will focus on the theme of Italian entrepreneurship and we will analyze it from three different perspectives: startups, corporations, and investors, debating with outstanding leaders about the reality of our country and reflecting on how professional development can contribute to the development of Italy.

What is the NOVA Conference?

It is the most notable event hosted by the NOVA Association. It is aimed at encouraging the participation of Italian students from top international MBA programs, contributing to the success of Italian companies, promoting MBA students and alumni recruiting and creating a strong, lasting and highly valuable network of successful executives, entrepreneurs and professionals among MBA students and alumni from Italy or with Italian ancestry. The conference is organized by The University of Chicago Booth School of Business with the support of College des Ingenieurs.

When and where?

From November 29th to December 1st at the Chicago Booth Campus in London, UK.

Can I participate?

Of course, get your ticket and join us for a fun and exciting weekend!